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StoneMakers Dealer Opportunity lets you integrate an additional profit center into your existing business. Our Dealership is unique, niche and highly profitable. We want you to enjoy your business again!

Compared to other segments of the home improvement market, StoneMakers stands alone in our self-pioneered industry; literally changing the face of conventional masonry. No other company or competitor is able to replicate our proprietary services. - A StoneMakers dealership gives you a tremendous advantage over any other hardscape contractor.

Demand for retainer walls, is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. From deteriorating existing walls to exterior home improvement, we are in high demand. Most walls can be built in 1-2 days and costs anywhere from 30-80 percent less than block, stamped or real rock walls.

Research our proprietary wall system throughout our web site and online videos, then compare to all other competing options out there in the marketplace. You'll quickly see how and why our exclusive protected services themselves give you a tremendous sales advantage. Then, factor in that our products are only available through licensed Dealers and you start to realize the advantage that exclusivity brings. On top of that, come and visit our National Headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire and see hundreds of jobs and meet our Team.


Your StoneMakers Dealership

  • Area of responsibility is made up of approximately 70,000 to 90,000 households depending on median household income.
  • Based on 1-2 canvassing crews and an events marketing department. (
  • Number of households can be offset based on commercial opportunities.
  • Use of Brands, logos and trademarks is based on market share

Web Development

As a business owner, you must also factor in the Internet. The Web is highly competitive and in most industries is saturated with a multitude of competitors, to have organic web positioning can cost tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands annually. StoneMakers has an in-house team of internet developers, SEO (search engine optimization) specialists and web content writers who are implementing web initiatives to support our international dealer network. As an independent, you will not only get your own professionally designed, customized website, you will also get full SEO and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) support to help you "own" the web in your respective local marketplace.

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Our Commitment

As a StoneMakers Dealer, you can also add to the equation our unparalleled approach and commitment to education, professionalism, and friendly customer care and support that your competition cannot match.

All the advantages of a StoneMakers Dealership coupled with a stunningly beautiful and amazing hardscape wall system to offer your customers- and you'll realize that StoneMakers truly does give you an advantage over anyone else in the marketplace.

Our Dealer Program is a great way to replace lost revenues or non-performing divisions of your company. Maybe you are looking for something that will synergize with existing services in the interest of getting your cost per lead down. Our dealer program along with the support system and business model, will help you increase your bottom line immediately.

Our Dealer System helps you enter into an enjoyable, exciting, and growing niche industry that requires specific trade secreted knowledge and know how. The StoneMakers Dealer Program provides you with knowledge, trade skills, and exclusive proprietary products.